Why People Buy SoundCloud Plays And Should I Do The Same?

It’s a simple rule when it comes to marketing – make people like what you do! Consumers are not aware of the products that they are consuming in the sense if they really need them or not. Learn more about the consumer concept on this link.

When it comes to music, it’s no different. Sure, one might like a certain style or genre more than another one, but when it comes to specific tracks – you need to put it in their ear.

Now, to do this, there’s another rule. This rule is called – make people believe that others already know your tracks and listen to you every day. If you upload a piece that no one seems to have heard of before, chances are big no one will like to pass it on and share.

With all this being said, it’s clear that you need to make people believe that you’re already big and make some great stuff. Having a lot of fans and followers means exactly that.

That’s why it’s best if you invest some funds into this and create a profile that looks like the one of a famous rock star. This is all a part of the needed SoundCloud marketing. It’s an important part of growing your network and becoming successful.

Great work still comes first

Yes, marketing is very important but you need to be aware that without great work you won’t do anything. You need to work and create some excellent work that you’ll later upload and make it available for the world and your followers.

Think about it, you can’t do any marketing if you have no product to do it for. What is important here is to make sure you upload and make public only tracks that are the best. No artist in the world made 100% fantastic work. Even the greatest ones you know deleted or simply didn’t published most of their work.

Imagine how many works that we don’t know about the famous Freddie Mercury had. However, at the times when he was trying to become famous, he couldn’t gamble with his reputation and he only tried to publish great work.

Great work is still nothing without marketing

As we said, you can’t do anything if you have no great product. At the same time, there are millions of amazing lyrics, productions, and bits that never made it in the world of music just because they didn’t have a manager or a marketing company behind them.

You can’t be a composer, writer, singer, manager, marketing agent, and a social network expert all at the same time. You can probably get by as a few of them at the same time, but it’s impossible to do everything at once.

It’s best if you have the chance to hire the pros and let them do the job for you. There are lots of companies who do this. All you have to do is work on your art and let them do the rest. Do you think that Eminem would’ve become huge if he didn’t have Dr. Dre on his side? Maybe, but maybe not.

Always let someone else do this for you

As we already said, it’s impossible to do great work in all fields. You simply can’t make it everywhere. It’s best if you could write, compose, and arrange, but when it comes to the rest which is called marketing for everything you do, it’s best if you let the pros handle it.

See how this is done here: https://blog.drooble.com/music-marketing-done-in-the-digital-age/

Some companies offer whole packages where they offer Soundcloud management of your profile, but also a whole set of other services that you’ll find very useful and helpful in promoting your work.

Some of the most important features that you’ll need is managing all the profiles on social networks. Not everyone is available on Facebook even though they have 2.2 billion accounts at the moment. Some are only present on Twitter, or Tumbler, and some are influential on Instagram.

A great team of agent will find a way to manage all the accounts you own on these social networks and make sure you get full coverage everywhere. Even if you try, it’s physically impossible to make it everywhere.


As a clear answer and a conclusion of this article would be – yes, you should buy SoundCloud plays. It’s the only way to start going to the top.

When you realize how the game is played, you’ll see that the more you invest in marketing, both time and money, the more attention you’ll get from the public and your fans. Great work makes people share it and with it, all gets easier and easier.

Don’t hesitate if you should do more marketing for your SoundCloud profile. You definitely should. After some time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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