Top 5 Essentials Of Event Photography A Newbie Must Know About

Events are of different types – family event or occasion, corporate event and educational events. The main aim of event is to mark the beginning of something new or celebration of some sort of achievement. All entities involved in the feat come together and have their moment of glory with the other people who were sailing the boat with common aims in mind. Thus, it is natural for event organizers to arrange for photography support so that they have the best of the memories captured forever.

So, if you are searching for the company that wields the best tools for carrying out the photography task, you should reach to the professionals who have a large body of work. The main essentials of event photography your kit should contain are mentioned below.

  • Full Frame DSLR

This is the main tool that the photography kit is incomplete without. Not carrying it is just like going to school without any pencil box and books. Since most of the events are expected to happen in low light or during evenings, the full frame DSLR offers the suitable tool for adding requisite light to the picture. The aperture of this camera is large, allowing more light to enter. It has larger surface area that enables easy placement of pixel far part. Thus, you find exceptional quality in picture due to cancellation of blurriness, called as noise in the picture. So, pick the best quality full frame DSLR camera that can work at low ISO levels and still capable of producing great results.

  • Manual settings

To cover the whole event, a photographer should be comfortable doing manual settings. Mostly, the manual settings are required for having better control over the things. One can select the aperture, the shutter and ISO and so on according to the lighting in a room. Mostly, photographers switch to manual settings to get more from the camera, something which it may not be designed to achieve. After all, human capabilities are far enriched than pre-fed or automatic equipment! In case the event is taking place in a ballroom, where there is minimal light or constant intensity of light everywhere, manual settings prove to be more useful. The real work follows at the editing table. During editing, the photographers using manual settings need to work a bit more in order to achieve the uniformity.

  • 24-70mm f/2.8 lens

Event photography is almost a sham without this lens; such is the sanctity of this essential. This is the lens made for event photography; if we can put it simple way. Its wide angle allows capturing the decor and other interesting properties splashed over the venue while retaining focus on the main subject. Low depth of the field shots when you need accentuating the main object is easy to achieve with this lens. The 70mm end offers the support for clicking exceptionally crisp portraits and also to zoom in the lens to cover wider contexts. Not to forget, it is easy to work with when the lighting is poor in intensity.

  • Hot-shoe flash

As a newbie, this is going to be your lifeline in event photography. The light is always a concern in the night events, but it ceases to be the one when hot-shoe flash is in hand. You use it and you have the desired light on the person you aim to capture in the lens. This flash is easy alternative useful in situations when the sunlight is practically absent. The best feature is the ease with which it can be tilted, allowing the photographer to control the amount as well as the angle of the light to get the best shot of the main subject.

  • To top all of these, a pair of comfortable shoes!

Yes, you are going to practically stand or walk all through the hours of the event. You don’t click pictures sitting at one place, you know that! Thus, formal dress code is certainly not meant for you. So, always get a pair of comfortable shoes that give you all the support your feet need to keep you moving and doing your best with only minimal breaks.

This is how you need to prepare for the event photography assignment when the first contract comes your way.

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